Gruff Rhys


07/03/2022 - 07/03/2022

Gruff Rhys

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Gruff Rhys: a rising star? Well he's certainly one of the most intriguing, and indeed Welsh, artists we have seen at AB since he first took to the stage here.  Now he's back with his new and exciting album 'Seeking New Gods'.And OMG, praise is due again for this 'super fiery' creature. 'Gruff Rhys - Gruffydd Maredudd Bowen Rhys to his friends – is familiar for his adventures with the Britpop band Super Furry Animals and Neon Neon, the electropop project with Boom Bip. In Belgium, his solo albums have also been particularly successful. We needed no more convincing after ‘Candylion’, back in 2007. That was then, and now we are looking at 2022 and this fresh new groove for Gruff!  

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