12/01/2022 - 22/01/2022


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A table, three chairs, a radio, an armchair, a piano. A common room: a space to be together, a space where you are alone. A sanitized and calm place, where we listen to the time passing, where we wait. Every now and then a voice emerges from the silence: one resident humming a song, another recounting a memory. How do you bring 90 years of existence into a 15m2 room? What do we see of the world from this kind of place, this enclosure where time seems to have a hold only on bodies?

At the intersection between fiction and documentary, Home is inspired by scenes that the team observed in a nursing home in Ixelles. The three young actors inhabit these aging bodies, make them incarnate, and give us back the disquieting strangeness that is unique to these places. They face the joys and tragedies of everyday life. What to do when the green plants turn into a pine forest, the storm tears down the walls, and there is no one to serve the next meal?

Plunging into this atmosphere and this particular temporality, Home allows us to (re)discover something of our own experience of old age.

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