IN – possible. Before an idea is brought to life.


21/06/2019 - 13/10/2019

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Staged in association with the Design Museum Holon in Israel, the IN-possible. Before an idea is brought to life exhibition describes the work behind an industrial design product. A design object is the result of a complex combination of factors, where higher, cultural and social issues are joined by practical, concrete and financial
matters. The meeting between the designer and the company represents a key moment in this process. A meeting of expertise, points of view and skills that shape - as part of what is often a long and laborious process - the product’s arrival on the market. Indeed, an industrial design product is a collective work where the company acts as the “publisher”. This continuous and open dialogue susceptible to the deviation, sometimes unexpected sees an “In-possibility” become a “Possibility”, as is typical of projects that seek to create innovative items and that therefore tacitly accept risk of an uncertain outcome.

The exhibition is accompanied by a meeting entitled IN - possible Talk in which professionals of different fields describe to the public an experience, a project or a vision of an “Impossibility” that was unsuccessful in the short term but that, in reality, laid the foundations for a subsequent innovation.

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