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23/11/2018 - 24/03/2019

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We know about the ceramics, jewellery, and architecture of the Incas and their predecessors, but what did they wear? Textiles were very prestigious in their society, as symbols of power and identity, and were also used for gifts or exchange. The 200 or so objects in this exhibition, from a number of different collections, reveal the Incas’ mastery of weaving and the brilliant colours of their textiles, as well as their use of feathers, gold, silver, and shells in clothing.

This exhibition offers the opportunity to admire the magnificence of the textiles, the quality of the precious metalwork and the beauty of pre-Colombian feather work. You will also discover the mastery of the art of weaving, the sophistication of the motifs, and the varied and still vibrant colours of the fibres and feathers. Through the discovery of their wardrobe (shoes, clothes, head dresses and jewellery) visitors will share in the daily life of these people from the past and admire exceptionally high quality, vividly coloured items as well as impressive precious metalwork.

In addition, all of these works will be displayed in attractive settings, with reconstituted sections of Andean architecture, cotton fields and burial sites. There will also be a children’s circuit as well as educational activities.

Around 200 objects from our collections, from the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart, the MAS in Antwerp and from private Belgian collections will be exhibited around this newly-presented theme. An exhibition for everyone with lots to see!

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