16/08/2019 - 16/08/2019

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Coline. Alexis. Pablo. Pierre. Rémy. Simon. An average age of 25 years, a geographical origin that is located in the vicinity of Nantes and a passion, furious, visceral, sometimes reasoned, for music. It is a band that does not plan to play, express or compose without each other. It is Inüit.

Inuit means “human being” in the language of this North American people, which speaks volumes about the band’s state of mind: being together and looking in the same direction. That is to say a plural pop, open to all headwinds.

The result is a first album, both liberating and libertarian, well named Action. These visceral songs shine by their ability to be incarnated live. This confirms Inüit’s primary and even primitive goal: to share their music with those around them. Walking into the contemporary pop landscape, Inuït reminds us of the singular reality of our fantasies.

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