Insula Orchestra - La Fura dels Baus


23/03/2021 - 23/03/2021

Insula Orchestra - La Fura dels Baus Insula Orchestra - La Fura dels Baus

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Nature has continuously inspired humankind. For the Romantics, it was both an escape from society’s turmoil and a place to achieve transcendence. Today’s bond with nature seems to have changed. Laurence Equilbey and the Insula Orchestra perform music scores from Beethoven, Reicha and Weber aimed at encouraging us to reconnect with our environment. From the “storm” in Beethoven’s The Creatures of Prometheus ballet, to his Pastoral Symphony, the programme opens a window of hope to save a world in danger, in an immersive scenography designed by the La Fura dels Baus collective. A vibrant call to raise awareness about Mother Earth. 

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