Jabanè Sessions w/ Orieta Chrem [La Rara] & PLLOW


31/10/2019 - 31/10/2019

Jabanè Sessions w/ Orieta Chrem [La Rara] & PLLOW

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PLLOW presents Jabanè Sessions with Orieta Chrem.

Jabanè Sessions aims to offer a caring space that gathers people sharing good energies in order to create a unique moment. Jabanè comes form Duàlà, one of the multiple camerounian languages, and means sharing.


Lovers, Non-Binary, Hyperactive, Giraffe, Supersensitive, Dancers, Butterflies, Givers, Amazons and everyone not mentionned...



Orieta Chrem [La Rara / Matraca]

Orieta Chrem is a sound engineer, music producer and Dj. She was the first Peruvian female to be chosen to participate to the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome in 2004.

Orieta’s identity as a DJ is almost impossible to define, since her influences are as diverse as they are global. Her love for worldwide beats meets her dubstep and techno background in order to deliver an eclectic set that always sounds like her own. Her passion for music has always pushed her to be extremely active in the scenes around her, from the organization of avant-garde audiovisual events in Lima to the management of a radio show in a national station.

When she moves to Barcelona to study sound engineering, she creates her label BASAL and starts 2 projects : one solo as La Crema and another one with Danish producer Jespere called Any Shape. The duo that performed in Sónar Festival 2013.

In 2014, she goes back to Lima and opens her studio Qmulus Sound, where she works in various projects of sound design, mixing and recording. Recently, she has built along with other bass lovers the BQestia Soundsystem, one of the few DIY soundsystems in Lima.

Her musical production can be heard with her girl-band Menores, a musical group known in Lima for blending together the sensuality of pop, the roughness of hip-hop and the restiveness of bass music.

PLLOW [Bloom Hill/ Kiosk Radio]

Co-founder of Bloom Hill, PLLOW is a DJ based in Brussels. Always looking for unique sonorities, she feeds herself with differents musical influences with a taste for afro rhythms and percussions.

Among her influences she names Discwoman, Boddhi Satva Official, MUAK MUSIC, MoBlack Records, HOT CASA Records, Kryone, Double Cheese Records Records and GQOM OH to pick a few.

After only 2 years Djing, she can mention highlights like performing for AFROPUNK in Paris and for Dour Festival, a mix for The Lot Radio (NY, Brooklyn) but also being a resident DJ for Kiosk Radio. She has chosen Pllow pronounced Pillow as her DJ name to refer to those fascinating songs she values because they will automatically lead you into euphoria.



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