Jasper Steverlinck


17/12/2018 - 17/12/2018

Jasper Steverlinck

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“All my favourite artists – Nina Simone, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Bill Withers – hold up a mirror to you with their songs. They write about real life”. These are the words of Jasper Steverlinck and he clearly thought that was the way to go too! On his latest release, Night Prayer, our country’s most sensitive singer-songwriter has laid himself bare. The subtle arrangements are stripped of all their frills, as they are reduced to their raw and poignant essence. With the aid of producer Jean Blaute, Steverlinck recorded every song in one take. No gimmicks, no compilations. Still not convinced? Then you might be interested to know that, for the first time ever, alongside a band Steverlinck will also be accompanied by a string quartet. It will be the singer’s first appearance at BOZAR and, with its sublime acoustics the Great Hall Henry Le Bœuf will be the perfect showcase for the string quartet and Steverlinck’s vulnerable, penetrating timbre. This is Steverlinck like you’ve never heard him before!It's our treat! Listen to BOZAR’s "Jazz" playlist on Spotify for free and discover BOZAR MUSIC season ’18-’19.

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