Jawhar, Watchoutforthegiants , Philemon


05/10/2020 - 05/10/2020

Jawhar, Watchoutforthegiants , Philemon Jawhar, Watchoutforthegiants , Philemon Jawhar, Watchoutforthegiants , Philemon

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Jawhar :
Based in Belgium but Tunisian by birth and heart, Jawhar Basti weaves music inspired by popular music from the Maghreb, dark rock by Timber Timbre or silky folk by Nick Drake. He shares with the latter a delicate, whispered, airy voice, with which he sings about the love, loss and disillusionment of the Arab Spring. His Tunisian language, a mixture of Arabic, Italian and French, writes his own poetry and is nourished by a superb melancholy.

Indie rockers band from the beautiful city of Ninove, finalists of the last Humo Rock Rally, it is said that they are part of the arty pop song scene, it's rather true... from Midlake to Wire. Their first EP is expected next spring.

Anton De Boes' new project, who composes and interprets a deliciously fragile pop. His music echoes the sixties but not only that, we think as much of Elliott Smith or Grandaddy as we do of the Beatles. His first EP is scheduled for early 2020.

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