06/02/2022 - 06/02/2022

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Jonathan is the name of a palliative care robot developed by an Artificial Intelligence team. When the spread of Covid-19 necessitates a lockdown of care homes, the team decide to expedite Jonathan’s release. This means that some of the elderly are able to receive the right care without fear of contracting the virus.  
The performance takes place in KVS BOL, the site of clashes between love and forgiveness, destruction and renewal. But something magical happens too: the passing of Claudine, mother, part of the species Homo Sapiens and stricken by Covid-19, signals the birth of Jonathan, her dedicated, artificially intelligent carer.
Welcoming you into this someone’s land are two KVS faces: Bruno Vanden Broecke and Valentijn Dhaenens. Twenty years ago they gave life to their company, SkaGeN; now they join forces once more to create this brand new piece, in which they also perform. 

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