16/08/2019 - 16/08/2019

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Unruly child of the 90s, Kikesa imposes himself as the condensed version of pop culture and music, catalyzing its influences in a unique sound, flow and attitude: the new hippie. The young artist gives these idioms a taste of the day by bringing in the freshness and verve of hip-hop (scene in which he excels for more than 10 years), without forgetting an acute sense of self-derision, proper to his generation.

At ease in all styles and sounds, Kikesa imposes no limit: from the future bass to the trap music, from the feverish Bangers to the abrasive hip-hop freestyles, the master words are cathartic and hedonistic.

Adept of the DIY, Kikesa walks with his team of dabblers, refusing any formatting and any constraint, he makes a point of honor to bring his music where we do not necessarily expect it. Let the experience tempt you, 'the lease is intoxicating'.

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