Koper & Vel


04/11/2018 - 04/11/2018

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Koper & Vel's bread and butter is the world of the brass band, both musically and visually. It can be a festive invitation to dance, a dignified tribute or a comforting accompaniment to a funeral procession. Brass band music accompanies us through every ritual in life; it's the sound of life itself.The outfit features two percussionists and seven wind instruments: nine excellent musicians and characters. Sometimes they sound grotesque and absurd, sometimes hushed and simple, or lost in peculiar choreography. But they are always real: with wind, sweat and rhythms that make you move.  On behalf of Zonzo Compagnie, director and choreographer Randi De Vlieghe and the Borgerhout HOP FROG band immerse themselves in the rich brass band tradition and the many situations in which they play a role. Together they create a visual and musical show that tells a universal story of mankind: his recklessness, cruelty, tenderness, vulnerability, resilience and lust for life. RANDI DE VLIEGHE scenography BERT BERNAERTS & KOEN BOLLEN compositions ISA JANSSENS costume STEFAN VANFLETEREN production image HOP FROG FANFARE musical performanceTim Coenen (bass drum + guitar) | Tijl Piryns (snare drum, composition) | Glen De Jonghe (sousaphone) | Loes Minnebo (trombone) | Bert Bernaerts (trumpet, composition) |  Peppi Pepermans (alto sax) | Hanne De Backer (baritone sax, composition) | Koen Bollen (soprano sax, composition) | Mario Conjaerts (trumpet)Zonzo Compagnie in co-production with HOP FROG Brass Band.

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