Kristian Bezuidenhout & Benjamin Appl


24/06/2020 - 24/06/2020

Kristian Bezuidenhout & Benjamin Appl

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On the occasion of his “portrait” at BOZAR, the fortepianist Kristian Bezuidenhout will be joined by Benjamin Appl, a young baritone who is much admired for his warm timbre, his expressivity and his musicality. Together, they set off on a journey through Schubert, Schumann and Mendelssohn’s lieder. Schumann was a great admirer of Schubert, in whom he discovered a soul which, like his own, had been marked by suffering. He thus followed Schubert’s example and composed a cycle of lieder based on the poems of Heinrich Heine: Dichterliebe, Op. 48. In this programme this masterpiece of expressivity is played alongside several melancholy melodies by Schubert and several Lieder ohne Worte and charming lieder by Mendelssohn for a journey to the very depth of our feelings in the company of an exceptional duo. 

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