Kudsi Erguner & Lâmekân Ensemble


25/05/2019 - 25/05/2019

Kudsi Erguner & Lâmekân Ensemble

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“Lâmekân Ensemble in an initiative which eloquently proves that true musical passion rises beyond all cultural, religious, and geographical borders.” (Kudsi Erguner)The ney, a Middle Eastern flute with a mysterious, almost hypnotic sound, plays a prominent role in Sufism. The ney virtuoso Kudsi Erguner will take to the stage for the last concert in this series, with the Lâmekân Ensemble, a young six-piece ensemble that focuses on Turkish classical music.The ney is a Middle Eastern flute with a mysterious, almost hypnotic sound. Throughout its history, this instrument has gone on to play a prominent role in Sufism, or Islamic mysticism and in the Turkish Mevlevi order in particular. According to the Mevleviye, the proponents of this Turkish Sufi order, the ney symbolises the soul, which has been separated from the divine and which longs for a reconciliation. The instrument guides the Sufi mystic on his quest to divine inspiration.The ney virtuoso Kudsi Erguner seems to have tapped into this inspirational divine force. This master of the ney will take to the stage with the Lâmekân Ensemble for this concert at BOZAR, as part of the “Tarab” series on dedication and exaltation in and through music. Lâmekân – which means “non-place”, or a state of divine exaltation – is a young six-piece ensemble from Belgium which performs Turkish classical music. The opulent lifestyle in the vibrant cities of the Ottoman Empire is revived in the performances of Lâmekân, under the expert guidance of musicologist and oud player Tristan Driessens. It's our treat! Listen to BOZAR’s "World" playlist on Spotify for free and discover BOZAR MUSIC season ’18-’19.

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