L'Atomium. Du symbole à l'icône.

L'Atomium. Du symbole à l'icône. L'Atomium. Du symbole à l'icône. L'Atomium. Du symbole à l'icône. L'Atomium. Du symbole à l'icône. L'Atomium. Du symbole à l'icône.

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The exhibition not only tells the story of the construction of the building and of Expo 58 but also of its decline at the end of the '90's before its renovation. And of its 'second ' life since 2006.

On 17th April 1958, the last universal world fair organised by Belgium was inaugurated on the Heysel site in Brussels.
A hugely colourful event, spreading a message full of boundless optimism, reflecting a society characterised by confidence in its future, Expo 58 inspires fond memories in our collective consciousness.
Using archived documents, photographs, souvenirs and videos from the era as well as countless models, this exhibition will take visitors on a journey back in time to this unforgettable, breathtaking event.
In the panorama the visitor gets extensive information about the location of Brussels' buildings and districts. Certain European and world cities are situated as well so the visitor can orientate himself. Finally he can compare images of Expo 58 with what he can see from the panorama today.
For some, this is the perfect opportunity to rediscover this enchanting experience; for others, who know nothing about Expo 58 and its passion for progress, this is a chance to learn about this magical time which still infuses the Atomium with its energy.
Symbol and « brand » of Expo 58, the star of Lucien De Rouck is unavoidable.
Lucien De Roeck (Belgium 1915-2002) dedicated his life to design,typographie and teaching. In 1954 he won the design competition designing the logo and poster for the Worldfair in Brussels that would take place in 1958.

The Expo-star, an elegant, asymmetric star, still is a recognizable symbol. The five rays represent the five continents, carrying out the humanistic message to the entire world. On the right side you can see a globe and the date. In the center of the star one can recognize an image of the Brussels city hall.
In 1958 this star was everywhere, on posters, streetcars, outfits of the hostesses, souvenirs...

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