La Femme


20/03/2022 - 20/03/2022

La Femme

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Few bands have invigorated French pop like La Femme over the last decade, and in 2021, they’re coming to make all of our lives better. Paradigmes, the much-awaited third album from the Paris-based, Biarritz band, offers a shift in how we see the world, a kaleidoscopic vortex to a different, more vibrant dimension. “A bit like everyone else, it is very hard to plan anything or to know when we are going to be able to play again. We try to plan things, but given the current situation, we have not announced any concert yet.” La Femme’s legendary live shows are aesthetically rich and decadently bawdy, like catwalk runways crossed with Caligula, though we may have to enjoy the adventures of Paradigmes from the comfort of our own homes, like that great dandy armchair explorer des Esseintes in the symbolist classic À rebours. Whatever happens, La Femme’s next record will definitely brighten up 2021 that little bit more. Paradigmes is a record that lives in the moment, even if that moment is a challenge right now.   

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