Las Lloronas - Voix Plurielles


12/06/2022 - 12/06/2022

Las Lloronas - Voix Plurielles

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Through an atypical mix of acoustic melodies and slam, the Brussels trio Las Lloronas immerses us in intimate texts, steeped in beautiful harmonies and melancholic melodies. During their performances, they expose their souls in moments of great vulnerability, oscillating between lamentation, reverie and war cries. With impatience but also with hope, Las Lloronas tackle subjects such as feminism, privilege and social commitment. They create a delightful polyphonic symbiosis of traditional Spanish music, klezmer sounds, fado, blues and slam. In short: a journey between laughter and tears.
Coffee welcome from 10:30 am, meeting with the artists after the concert.
As part of Women’s Voices, in partnership with La Vénerie and the creapass of Ixelles.

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