03/10/2018 - 17/10/2018

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Vincent Hennebicq takes on Algerian author Yasmina Khadra’s novel L’Attentat (The Attack), the story of Amine, an Israeli Arab surgeon who finds himself operating on the many survivors of a terrorist attack. At the end of the day he discovers that the kamikaze responsible for the attack is his wife.

The story then turns into a thriller as he goes on a quest, looking for answers. Despite having shared the most intimate things with this woman, he didn’t know her…So starts a trip towards truth, the truth of a complex territorial and cultural identity.
Like Amine, Vincent Hennebicq is not content to just adapt Khadra’s fascinating story to the stage, he also wants to uncover the foundation. With Palestinian-born Atta Nasser who plays Amine, and movie maker Jean-François Ravagnan, he goes to Israel and Palestine. Together they meet many people of different origins and religions to tell them the story of L’Attentat and record their reactions and thoughts.

Reinforced by these accounts, the show morphs from fiction to documentary, supported by the music of Fabian Fiorini, interpreted by four musicians and a soloist.

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