Le Salon de la BD belge


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Come and hang out with Tintin, Spirou, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, and many more fictional creations of talented Belgian comic strip authors, at The Belgian Comic Strip Show.
Belgian comic strip has seen the birth of an extraordinary number of paper heroes since weekly comics such as “Zonneland” and “Petits Belges” came on the scene in 1920, and Tintin nine years later. Their adventures first appeared in the general and specialist press before moving over to albums, which just got better and better. A smurfic quantity of them even reached the glorious heights of cartoons, films with real actors and even electronic games.

The new permanent exhibition at the Belgian Comics Art Museum features the huge family of fictional Belgian comic strip heroes, from Lucky Luke to Tamara, Michel Vaillant to Kinky & Cosy, in a tribute to an important European specialist publishing industry: image creation.
From Christmas 2017, young and old can gain a better understanding of Belgium’s vast comic strip legacy and production, and older visitors will be transported back to their childhood. The educational, entertaining and interactive exhibition documents each decade, tracing technological advancements right up until the present day. Special reading areas and cutting-edge technology will take each visitor on their own great adventure into the world of Belgian comic strips.

Curator: Jean Auquier