Le tour du BELvue

Le tour du BELvue

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An interactive tour of the BELvue museum, including first a search for information in small groups and then a lively game of questions about Belgium.

In small groups, the participants first discover a theme room in the museum and present the results of their visit to the rest of the group in the manner of a guide. Then the "BELvue Tour" begins! Divided into several teams, the participants play an original quiz and become real experts on Belgium and its history.
The BELvue tour is a very interactive visit where everyone discovers the museum's contents in their own way. The dynamics of the game provoke exchange and fun within the group.

1. Independently → The group leader must prepare the activity in advance and supervise it during the visit to the BELvue. An educational file is available on www.belvue.be - free of charge.
2. With an animator from the BELvue → dates on request - 50€.

Several versions of the Tour of the BELvue have been developed, including a version for French language learners (FLE).

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