Les Fatals Picards


14/08/2019 - 14/08/2019

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Les Fatals Picards are back with ‘Espèces Menacées’, a ninth album and a tour during which they intend to defend loud and clear this trilogy that suits them like a glove: rock, humor, and French song.

Rock for the raw energy that their performances generate.

Humour not to forget that life is far too serious to be entrusted to sad people.

The French song for love of a language that every good, self-respecting Gaulish must defend body and soul in contempt of the danger and death of the past subjunctive.

This new opus will be for the band with more than 1,500 concerts under the belt, the opportunity to question with humor the impact of dietary restrictions in a couple’s life, the revolutionary life after the death of ideals, the boom of medieval festivals in France, suicide in the agricultural world, the X films of the 80’s, the couple and the time, white supremacy, or even collusion between business and terrorism in the Middle East…

It is now time to proclaim it loud and clear: Les Fatals Picards wrote the history of rock!!! Yes… well… in a very small way… with an HB pencil… in the boys' washroom at Pierre Brossolette in Perreux-sur-Marne…and that was a long time ago…

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