Lola Bonfanti


19/01/2022 - 19/01/2022

Lola Bonfanti Lola Bonfanti

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Lola Bonfanti, a lover of words and music, has found her unique voice. Her music captivates from the very first moments, just as the first lines of a poem can take us into a totally new universe. Extremely refined and sober, the singer brings us a vocal and moving acoustic performance. She stands alone on stage and surrounds herself with a few instruments. It is enough for a wonderful walk through numerous jazz standards and her own compositions.

Flagey, Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles

Mixing things that don't seem to belong together, and going back to the roots of family memory: that's what Lola Bonfanti has managed with her first solo album, Bafololo, a powerful and velvety wonder. Axelle Mag / Véronique Laurent

With her solo album Bafololo, self-produced in a dizzying fusion of voice and bass, the Brussels-based artist explores the territory of memory and sentimental geography. Wow. Philippe Cornet / Focus Vif

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