Look At Me


27/01/2019 - 28/04/2019

Look At Me

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Invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (1787-1851) in 1839 and rendered virtually obsolete by 1860 by newer more efficient processes, the daguerreotypes played an important role in the rise in popularity of portrait photography over painted portraiture. This popularity was due to the relatively low cost and the short exposure times required, which spanned between a few seconds and several minutes. As the technology developed and became increasingly user-friendly, the widespread acceptance and employment of portrait photography became apparent in daily life, arts and the media. To a certain extent the beginning of video (art) in the late Sixties is also related to reduced costs and production time of this medium.
The relationship between photographic and moving images is the core theme of Look at Me, an exhibition that, after Histories of a Picture to Come (23.09.2018 - 23.12.2018), is the second of a triptych of exhibitions with works from the Argos collection that explore this dialectic. Furthermore Look at Me features a selection of photographic portraits emerging from the artists in residence program at Contretype, Centre pour la photographie contemporaine in Brussels. In the exhibition, the alternation of photographic and audio-visual installations sets a dialogue between different kinds of portraiture, styles and time periods, but at the same time it tells us something about the persons depicted in front of and behind the camera.

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