09/10/2020 - 09/10/2020

Lujipeka Lujipeka Lujipeka

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Member of the ultra-popular French hip-hop duo Columbine, Lujipeka opens a new chapter with a first series of solo titles . The new work promises to cover more sensitive, dark and melancholic aspects, with influences from SoundCloud rap and indie rock. But some things never change. As a duo or solo, Lujipeka always explodes the scores, on streaming platforms and on YouTube, where his first clip is close to a million views barely a month after its release. In Paris, tickets are rapidly selling out for his show at La Maroquinerie — everyone wants to catch a glimpse of this stage animal with an exceptional natural charisma. So a performance by Lujipeka should certainly not be missing from Botanique's calendar.

At only 23 years old, Lord Esperanza endeavors to multiply experiences to refine his point. Benefiting from a rich cultural heritage, the artist takes us on a journey between introspective tirades, anti-globalization revolts and points of self-centeredness. Despite his young age, Lord already has a richly filled discography that besides a lot of solo work also includes some impressive collaborations, with for example Lux, Nelick and Roméo Elvis. Drapeau blanc is Lord Esperanza's first studio album. It was produced entirely by Major-Minor and follows their joint EP Drapeau noir.

You can call Zed Yun Pavarotti the French answer to Post Malone, albeit with a rougher edge and differently placed face tats. The Saint-Etienne rapper is inspired by artists ranging from Johnny Cash, Famous Dex to ASAP Rocky for his technical melancholy with a puzzle of automatic thoughts, defining his identity in small bits.As an extension of PNL, among others, Pavarotti presents cloud rap that floats over dreamy beats and can hardly conceal a typical French surrealism. However, his more international sound is exactly what makes him different from all other French-speaking hip-hoppers. So don't be surprised by those few words of English in the new single 'Pro pirate': this man has great ambitions. The final blow is coming soon, Zed Yun Pavarotti is opening up to new horizons. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it: during Les Nuits in Botanique.

ÂA is a creator, a jack of all trades. After drawing and writing, he has plunged into a musical testimony in which he combines all his passions. In his songs, the self-taught teacher with Congolese roots, tells us the story of his lived experience and that of his imaginary worlds, both in French and in Lingala. He lets his inner voices speak and sets his and his generation's experience to music. Welcome in Botanique for a liberated show, enriched with electronic sounds and African percussion.

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