MEMENTO MORI! !IROM OTNEMEM - Els Dietvorst, Dirk Roofthooft & Aurelie Di Marino


21/02/2019 - 23/02/2019

MEMENTO MORI! !IROM OTNEMEM - Els Dietvorst, Dirk Roofthooft & Aurelie Di Marino

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Following a series of encounters with ‘ACM’, homeless person in Brussels, Els Dietvorst wrote the monologue Ik ga naar mijn kippen three years ago. The text is a sequel to the documentary-trilogy that she made about the life of this philosopher-drifter and his struggle for a dignified life. When Dietvorst was working on one of her Skull sculptures for the Moscow Biennale, her brother lay dying. This experience led her to write another monologue: Drijfhout.
In MEMENTO MORI!, Dietvorst brings both texts together. The first is performed by Dirk Roofthooft, one of Flanders’ most iconic actors, the second is performed by the Brussels-based actress Aurelie Di Marino. You can expect a theatre evening about fragility and transience, but also about universal themes like individualization, globalization, the relationship between humanity and nature, and migration.
• Documentary filmmaker and visual artist Els Dietvorst has been a guest at several editions of the Burning Ice Festival over the past few years. Last season, she presented the premiere of her latest film I watched the white dogs of the dawn, part two of her triptych about the relationship between humanity and nature and our food chain.

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