22/04/2022 - 23/04/2022


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From the Biblical beginnings of time, we have been burdened by shame. The first bite of the forbidden apple symbolised humanity’s fall. The apple was a symbol of knowledge, sexual pleasure, femininity, immortality, … By biting it Adam and Eve, and humanity with them, could no longer live life in ignorance and shamelessness.  In many, if not all, religions and ideologies, the body plays a similarly important part. It is often subject to strict rules, restrictions and rituals. We deny it food, flagellate it, and exhaust it – for atonement, cleansing or initiation. We submerge it in water, sing, dance, disguise or reveal it, … in search of a blissful state – or to forget the triviality of human existence? But what if we looked at our bodies differently? As the child of our soul. As the vehicle that carries our soul, and that therefore puts us in touch with a deeper, different kind of consciousness, one that is detached from worldly phenomena. What if we look within ourselves for enlightenment, rather than seeking it in outward displays?

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