Mat Najean Jazz Band


01/07/2020 - 02/07/2020

Mat Najean Jazz Band

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The "Mat Najean Jazz Band" was born in January 2019 in Paris. Surrounded by excellent musicians from the Paris jazz scene (Collectif Paris Swing, Zoot Collectif, Hot Sugar Band, Reverent Juke ...), Mathieu Najean wants to play his own compositions with this group. Inspired by the London group "Kansas Smitty's House Band", the "Mat Najean Jazz Band" does not want to be confined to a particular style of jazz. Through his compositions, always rooted in swing and blues, he gives himself the freedom to compose a rag like Jelly Roll Morton, a fantasy like Ellington, a blues like Basie, a bop like Bud Powel, a hard bop inspired by Jazz Messenger, or a more modern piece in the current jazz styles ...

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