Mind Ur Step


20/02/2019 - 21/02/2019

Mind Ur Step

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Mind Ur Step unites eleven urban dancers from four countries, in an international production that pays homage to urban dance in its purest form. 

These promising dancers also have ambitions as theatre choreographers and are guided throughout the creative process by established choreographers from their own scene: Nabil Ouelhadj (FR), Lloyd Marengo (NL) and Kader Attou (FR). They are also coached to master the artistic, organisational and technical ins and outs of the theatre trade. Mind Ur Step offers us a glimpse into the kitchen of this international exchange programme. 

The dancers/choreographers in training create new work for this performance under the direction of Lloyd Marengo, and pay homage to iconic creations like Kader Attou’s The Roots and Nabil Ouelhadj’s Itinéraire Bis. The result is a powerful but tender, universal but personal performance, that finds its strengths in simplicity.

Mind Ur Step is an international partnership of bridge builders from the worlds of urban dance and theatre. It encourages all parties to think about the next steps on the dance floor, but also on the path from performer to choreographer, from street to theatre. The creative process is strengthened with personal coaching trajectories for the dancers, research, and debates. As one of the partners, KVS opens its doors for a new generation of makers. 

MORE? This performance can be combined with A travers l'autre on the same evening, or the day before or after. If you book both performances together, you will enjoy a discount. Buy your double bill using the link in the right column!

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