Mira Sanders et Cédric Noël - 'A Voyage into the Moon '


09/12/2021 - 06/02/2022

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A Voyage into the Moon is a body of recent work by the artistic duo Mira Sanders and Cédric Noël. The culture, veneration of the underground, and the history of the Land of the Rising Sun served as a source of inspiration for both artists as they wrote several fictional stories and created an extensive series of publications. In conjunction with the première of their new medium-length film Mission Report and the first showing of their new installations, the Musée du Botanique will be exhibiting their complete works created between 2017 and 2021 for the very first time.

Beautifully staged in a futuristic scenography, the exhibition combines reality and fiction. Mira Sanders and Cédric Noël play leapfrog with fantasy and reality, linking actual events to fanciful fabrications. The drawings, films, scale models, audio works, texts, and installations constitute a fascinating and witty journey through the museum.

Do not be afraid of the thousand viscous legs of the mukade centipede! Immerse yourself in this poetic twilight zone: take a Voyage into the moon.

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