Mohamed Briouel & Kudsi Erguner


05/06/2021 - 05/06/2021

Mohamed Briouel & Kudsi Erguner Mohamed Briouel & Kudsi Erguner

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Mohamed Briouel & Kudsi Erguner’s concert is postponed to 11th November 2021.Tickets of 5th June 2021 remain valid for 11th November 2021. Arab-Andalusian music and Ottoman music are both the fruit of intercultural encounters: Spanish, Afro-Berber and Arab medieval music on the one hand, and Turkish, Arab, Persian, Greek, Jewish and Armenian cultures on the other. Two uncontested masters of these respective traditions join to celebrate the meeting of cultures in music. A native of Fez, Mohamed Briouel is the leading figure in Arab-Andalusian music and the director of the prestigious Arab-Andalusian Orchestra of Fez. Kudsi Erguner from Turkey is an authority in the field of Ottoman classical music. A performer and teacher, he is above all one of the greatest Turkish virtuosos of the ney, a flute with a soft and intoxicating sound. A must-see, exceptional encounter at BOZAR.

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