Musée Belge de la Franc-Maçonnerie

Musée Belge de la Franc-Maçonnerie

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Although freemasonry is a community for whom discretion is of the highest concern, the Belgian museum of freemasonry wants to invite and inform visitors in a spirit of openness. The goal of the thematic and didactic approach that marks the permanent exhibition is twofold. On one hand it wants to inform the visitor about the history of freemasonry in Belgium. On the other hand it is an invitation to reflect on the human condition and one’s own life.

The permanent exhibition, located in a historic neoclassical building (Hôtel Dewez), shows a series of masonic artworks, ritual objects, books and documents dating from the 18th century to present day. These historical objects are the silent witnesses of the origins, historic evolution, the workings and ideas behind freemasonry.

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