Museum Night Fever 2019


23/02/2019 - 24/02/2019

Museum Night Fever 2019 Museum Night Fever 2019

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In need of some peace and quiet in between your hectic Museum Night visits? Plan a little visit to the museum of the National Bank of Belgium and get carried away by the sound and light show in the magnificent 19th century building.
Light artist Yohan Meola proposes ‘Le Foyer’, an interactive installation created from dozens of lights. Relax to the sound of “Wonderl’Hang” and “The Borderless Project”, two music projects by Gérard Spencer using a handpan, an instrument with eerie soothing sounds. The museum’s cupola and high ceilings promise music and lighting that are even more conducive for dreaming: you never will have felt so relaxed in a museum.

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