18/08/2019 - 18/08/2019

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Mustii (Thomas Mustin’s real name) is a young artist from Brussels. Complete artist, charisma and theatricality characterise him, as well as a true closeness to the public.

A trained actor, he is also an author, composer, singer and director. As a true "Entertainer", Mustii is curious to develop through various complementary disciplines, nourishing in particular 80’s influences, from the synthpop to the new wave, in order to create a hybrid pop, glam and theatrical, built around its main instrument, the voice.

The music of Mustii is intended to be an alternation between more calm and fragile moments, passing through more energetic fulgurances, but in a constant melodic search. The energy and lightness that magnify the sometimes dark and revealing texts of our time.

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