Nana Adjoa


15/08/2019 - 15/08/2019

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Born in Amsterdam, Nana spent a portion of her childhood in the concrete environs of working class neighborhood the Bijlmer.

Religion, along with questions about her own gender identity as well as growing up a half black person in a pretty white environment were all benchmarks that really shaped who Adjoa is and in turn her songwriting.

Nana was accepted to study jazz (electric bass and double bass) at the prestigious Amsterdam Conservatory, however the reality wasn't quite what she'd imagined. "It was very much like school," she says, today. A divide began to grow between the restrictive, theoretical compositions she was studying and the more melodic, free-flowing music she was playing outside.

Soon after she realized pursuing her own solo career was the direction for her, she formed a band and for the first time started recording her songs. The results are Down at The Root (Part 1), Down at The Root (Part 2) and the latest collection of songs in the form of her A Tale so Familiar EP.

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