New date: REWIND - Soulsister plays ‘Heat’ (1990)


19/05/2022 - 19/05/2022

New date: REWIND - Soulsister plays ‘Heat’ (1990)

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This concert is part of the timeless ◄◄ REWIND series.Soulsister plays ‘Heat’ (1990)‘Heat'’ – the highly acclaimed second album by Soulsister – blows out exactly 30 candles in 2020. And, in keeping with tradition: this must be celebrated! ‘Heat’ can easily be called a successful Belpop Classic. The album sold no less than 100,000 (!) copies and stayed in the then Album Top 50 for more than a year(!). A series of singles was taken from the album and each of them instantly shot straight into the Top 10. Think: ‘Through Before We Started’, ‘Well Well Well’ of ‘Facing Love’. All perfect pop singles with a touch of soul.Soulsister’s international aspirations were, by Belgian norms, striking at the time. Their former manager Michael Lang (one of the Woodstock organisers) shared them with Joe Cocker. Then there was Steve Winwood as notable guest on the album and behind the dials none less than Chris Lord-Alge (who had previously worked wonders for the likes of Prince, James Brown, Tina Turner and Bruce Springsteen).As a part of the ◄◄ REWIND series, Soulsister will perform their classic ‘Heat’ (and of course a series of encores with their biggest hits). They will appear in an expanded line-up, complete with brass, percussionist and general party- and playing-pleasure. Which also implies that Soulsister is back... and in no small way!

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