New date: Sttellla


12/12/2021 - 12/12/2021

New date: Sttellla

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This is a Covid Safe Ticket concert! What do you need?Sttellla is 'un groupe de pression'. That’s said in jest (and beer drinkers know why.) Who recorded his live CD/DVD in a full AB? Then called it 'AB Rose'? And wore a pink tutu while using a zebra crossing on the cover, à la Abbey Road? Have you guessed? Yet another good one: Sttellla was also one of the 35 artists to adorn their very own Jupiler beer can for the AB’s 35th birthday! That sums up the phenomenon Sttellla entirely: fine musicians who opt for humour, slapstick and a bit of fun, especially French and clever word plays – doing so successfully for more than 40 years now.Now returning for the final date on the Carabis tour, which followed the release of latest CD 'Les Carabistouilles de Jean-Luc Fonck' (alias the inimitable Sttellla frontman.)Sannttté!

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