23/04/2020 - 24/04/2020


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This project could have been called SWEETNESS or VIOLENCE.

OURAGAN, tells the story of a ludicrous but initiatory night of insomnia. A night lived by Abdeslam, noddles’ bike delivery boy. Alone in his apartment, he sinks deep inside his armchair. Until he almost disappears. Behind the THC smoke, in between the shady/imitation leather cushions, behind his dark TNT thoughts. He doesn’t know what time it is anymore. It doesn’t matter. The apartment shakes from time to time. The metro line is close by. He got used to it. Den of lowlifes. Urban world. A few kilometers away from the European Council.

This creation is called HURRICANE, but it might as well have been SOFTNESS or VIOLENCE. The Brussels residents from Le Boréal manage to capture the unbearable lightness of existence in the urban jungle with a surprising six-strong cast and mild absurdity.

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