10/02/2022 - 12/02/2022


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This connection between ancestry, scars and our personal stories delves into a continuous conversation around spirituality and the rediscovering of ourselves. Every time we receive, remember or discover new information through our scars, can we accept and embrace these moments of pain? Can we allow for a redefinition of ourselves, through our complex experiences and identities? Or do we choose to turn away because the pain of remembering or lack of remembering impacts us beyond our own comfort and control? 
This performance aims to explore the intimate journey of scars and wounds, and what it brings to the surface. How do we carry these scars? How do we nurture or tend to these wounds that cut deep into our histories? How do we read our bodies and the journey they take us through? And how do the stories of our past influence how we navigate through communities and relationships today? 
Together, Camilo Mejía, Holland Andrews, Loucka Fiagan and Moya Michael build, shift, break, fall, sing, dance, unbuild and build again in an attempt to remember and acknowledge and name these scars and wounds as a way of celebrating and healing. 

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