Pain surprise


21/04/2020 - 24/04/2020

Pain surprise

Dieser Inhalt steht nicht auf Deutsch zur Verfügung und wird daher in einer anderen Sprache angezeigt.

We won’t say anything. But if you’re not coming, you’ll regret it. 

We won’t say anything to the four actors who will come night after night to Les Halles either. They’ll just have to come at 18:50, chill for an hour in the dressing rooms and go on stage at 20:00 sharp. On stage, there will be an envelope in a sealed box. And then what...?

No, the show is not called surprise. No, it’s not improvisation. Yes, there is a director, a storyline, text. Webcams too. Enough to speak to the entire world if we feel like it. 

It’s not in French. It’s not in Dutch. At least not necessarily. 

Who’s behind all that ? The only one can perform sold out shows for months in New-York, Venice, Brisbane, Oulan-Bator, Sao Paulo, Copenhague, Kuala Lumpur, Vienne, Tombouctou, Osaka… Stars like Whoopy Goldberg, Ken Loach Bando Tamasuro, Sean Connery, Lou Delage and even Stefan Olivier leave everything behind to spend a night with him. 

Is this all made up ? Mmmm, mmmm…. There’s only one artist who can do that. THE one.

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