Pink Floyd - The Greatest Tribute Ever


13/03/2022 - 13/03/2022

Pink Floyd - The Greatest Tribute Ever

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Since its creation in 1965, over 50 years ago, this legendary group has sold over 360 million albums worldwide!

Unmistakable albums, so much so that their style has revolutionised the music of their time… a unique combination of talents has allowed them to be completely in tune with their era, and half a century later, it’s still the stuff of dreams!


Because in a hundred years, Pink Floyd will always be Pink Floyd. Like Mozart and Beethoven, Pink Floyd is now part of our musical heritage.


To honour this group, we have brought together 40 exceptional musicians from both rock and classical backgrounds in this “Greatest Tribute Ever”. Session musicians, opera violinists, they were keener than ever and participate with rapt enthusiasm in this one-of-a-kind project.


They will cover all the Pink Floyd hits in a magnificent Symphonic Rock version like you’ve never heard before. All the tunes performed have been specially rewritten for the event, score by score, instrument by instrument! A truly painstaking endeavour!


With first-class production and lighting design, everything will be just as it should be for such a spectacular event, and will recreate the world of Pink Floyd in a truly sensational way.


An absolute must-see!

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