Porte de Hal

Porte de Hal Porte de Hal Porte de Hal Porte de Hal Porte de Hal

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Open on Mondays! The Halle Gate, a uniquely preserved section of the medieval defensive wall of Brussels, appeals to the imagination. Until October 18 2020 it will also become a virtual gateway into Bruegel's universe. Virtual reality technology will carry you into an astonishing immersion in Bruegel's paintings. Experience the 16th century in the flesh through face-to-face contact with original objects from the Royal Museums of Art and History: treasures from the New World, musical instruments, scientific measuring devices, weapons and armour. Up above the old city gate, you can enjoy an impressive view over the city. And high-tech binoculars will transport you into Brussels and the surrounding countryside on the time of Bruegel.Free audio guide in 6 languages : English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian.For families Children can visit the exhibition with an adapted audio guide (Dutch/French). Different interactive elements will appeal to their imagination. Touch, smell and play: they have to use all their senses to discover the past! Parents with small children can use the buggy zones and the changing table. After the exhibition, children can have a great time in the most beautiful outdoor playground of Brussels, located only 100 meters from the museum. Adventure assured in this castle and medieval village with accompanying sandbox.

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