18/01/2022 - 22/01/2022


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How do we collect and tell stories? How do we describe the essence of a character? After Discours à la nation and Laïka, Ascanio Celestini and David Murgia continue their collaboration to lay a foundation of a new theatrical tale around this large tribe of invisible beings. Reflecting the Roman author’s taste for narration and verbal expression, Pueblo tells the urban legends of its flamboyant characters who sometimes appear in more than one show. 

A homeless woman, a gypsy, a woman bar owner, a warehouseman, a supermarket cashier… so many characters that we pass without paying attention to in a sort of parallel dimension of life and of history. So many colorful silhouettes, finely described through the relentless workings of their most often miserable daily life. The broken fates, the stories of the most neglected members of our society in their rawest, most human and most political dimensions. 

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