Pur présent


16/01/2019 - 19/01/2019

Pur présent Pur présent Pur présent Pur présent Pur présent Pur présent Pur présent

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Composed of three pieces Pur présent (A Pure present) reminds us of Aeschylus’ tragedies that Olivier Py has been translating and producing for the past ten years. This closeness with the ancient poet breached his aesthetics as did his work within prison walls. For the playwright and director of the Avignon Festival, the works issued from this connection, in this case La Prison, L'Argent et Le Masque, are opportunities to streamline his theatrics and sharpen his tongue.

For “this tragedy of our pure present” in which “the smallest gesture makes us guilty,” Olivier Py uses a small number of powerful characters and extreme situations for an atmosphere of fierce urgency and brevity: an inmate and a chaplain, a banker and his son, a masked man and a crowd, a prison on fire, gunfire, a hidden revolution. All participate in oratorical jousting in which the threads get interwoven and respond to each other. All ponder the same question which is outside morality and the law: “How does one live worthily?”

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