Resilience, an aptitude


04/05/2020 - 13/06/2020

Resilience, an aptitude

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This exhibition project addresses the capacity of resilience, which is present at the core of each human being and allows everyone to live in the present, to exceed it, as well as to share it. There are infinite ways to be resilient and each of the seven artists presented have their own way of sharing their aptitude to be resilient. Ivàn Argote is inviting us to walk on words and Corinne Silva proposes to observe bullet impacts in the bark of trees in Sarajevo, while Eirene Efstathiou is drawing the way insurgents were hiding during the Greek civil war. Michèle Magema is developing visual strategies to counter-act the damages of colonial period in Congo and Shiraz Bayjoo is showing haunted places in Mauritius. Still present today, savage capitalism is usurping natural sources as much as it is imposing its own values. Younes Baba-Ali and Yonamine operate on a poetic level to resist the alienation post-colonial countries are going through.

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