18/08/2019 - 18/08/2019

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On « Narcose », first album of the Brussels duo RIVE, everything goes in pairs. Juliette Bossé and Kévin Mahé. A girl and a boy. Organic instruments that marry machines. Piano and synths. Pop songs to dream awakened, others to be rocked. Clear and dark. Love that withers away and passion takes off. Melancholy and hope. Memories of a faded adolescence and the dream of a better world for tomorrow.

Written and composed by RIVE, the ten songs of « Narcose » reinvent in French language the notion of dream pop. The references are there. Confessed but discreet. The aerial melodies of RIVE will evoke in some this taste for the weightlessness already claimed by Moderat, Son Lux or Beach House. But RIVE is also a band with its own universe and perfectly in its time, the one that refuses etiquettes and likes to confuse the tracks.

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