Roco Vargas


05/10/2018 - 27/10/2018

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Daniel Torres - alongside Swarte, Ever Meulen, Chaland, Floc'h, Serge Clerc and Ted Benoit - is a major player in the renewal of the Clear Line at the dawn of the Eighties. After publishing Opium in Métal Hurlant, he offers the retro-futuristic adventures of Roco Vargas to the monthly magazine (A SUIVRE). With slick hair and a fine moustache à la Clark Gable, this former intergalactic pilot divides his time between writing successful novels and managing the Mongo, a trendy nightclub.
Roco Vargas became the absolute reference in science fiction "made in Spain”, translated into a dozen languages. Served by sumptuous inking, skilfully constructed layouts and great narrative mastery, Torres's stories echo universal themes (ecology, wars, invasions, politics and mafia) and rely on flawless scientific credibility. A magical alliance between graphic-narrative fantasy and seriousness of purpose.
The Champaka Gallery has the privilege of hosting the first exhibition dedicated to Roco Vargas. It presents a wide selection of black-and-white wonders, and several covers in direct colour for the albums, and for the cult Spanish magazine "Caïro"! An unmissable event for fans of the Clear Line and science fiction!

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