Romano Nervoso


16/12/2021 - 16/12/2021

Romano Nervoso

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The return of Romano Nervoso, the godfather of spaghetti-rock, coincides with the release of his 4th album, a celebration of his 10 year career. Over the years Romano has travelled through Belgian stages, as well as those of the biggest festivals such as Sziget, Dour, les Ardentes…
The band also opened for some legends, such as Therapy ?, The Sonics, Skip The Use, Triggerfinger, Band of Skulls and Johnny Hallyday. Romano, Johnny's favourite Belgian artist, offers a rock'n'roll that transpires the scent of melted steel and ricotta cannelloni. Take out the cutlery because you are about to taste it like never before: buon appetito!

Boogie Beasts
Dirty beats, hypnotising slide, screaming harmonica riffs and plenty of fuzz: all ofthese will be served by this four-men band from Liège, Limburg and Namur, Belgium. Boogie Beasts translate their penchant for electric Delta blues into a most idiosyncratic sound, which has a touch of The Black Keys jamming with John Lee Hooker at a rave in the wee hours of the morning, or Morphine on a psychedelic trip with Little Walter, or even RL Burnside backed up by the young Rolling Stones at a juke joint-gig. The drive is infectious, the noise is pure filth, yet highly irresistible… Are you ready to boogie with the Beasts?

The Rackers
The Rackers is a Belgian powertrio full of British influences. Royal Blood, The Clash, The Rapture, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Rolling Stones, Kaiser Chiefs, ... they’re all bands whose sound you’ll recognize on the band’s debut EP ‘Girls 2.0’. It’s music that’s all about fun and mischief, just like the band themselves. You’re guaranteed to be dancing along to their fun rock songs when they visit Botanique.

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