Rude Boy plays Urban Dance Squad


05/03/2022 - 05/03/2022

Rude Boy plays Urban Dance Squad

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Finally! After Urban Dance Squad broke up in 2006, The Silver Surfering Rudeboy (singer/MC) has decided to return to performing again, with only UDS tracks. Come again? Urban Dance Squad was a Dutch band that was one of the very first to make a cross-over of rock, blues, reggae combined with hip-hop in the late ‘80s. Never before seen. Many foreign acts, including Rage Against the Machine, were later inspired by UDS. Their debut ‘Mental Floss For The Globe’ (from 1989) is an über classic. Feel free to call it a pop music standard! You can expect an explosive set with tracks from all the Urban Dance Squad albums, the enormous energy of singer/MC Rudeboy, and the unique mix of guitar and hip-hop. Ready for ‘Deeper Shade Of Soul’, ‘No Kid’, ‘Demagogue’, ‘Good Grief’ and ‘Fast Lane’? 

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