05/05/2022 - 14/05/2022


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Of all the kinds of violence, those against children are often the least apparent, especially when they take place within the family. The pain they create hides under the shame, the things not said, or the monstrous connivance of the adults who count on time to erase the crimes that were committed. 

Among the most serious acts of violence, rape and especially incestuous rape, is a deep and all encompassing wound. Sometimes the trauma is such that the brain represses the unendurable memories and does not allow them to surface until much later in life. 

The amnesia due to trauma and the suffering it harbors challenged Elisabeth Woronoff to the point that the young woman made them the subject of her first theatrical creation. Actress, visual artist, musician and photographer, Elisabeth Woronoff is a versatile artist. This profusion of modes of expression both feeds and nuances her work. SKRIK (The Scream, referring to the painting by Edvard Munch) reflects this richness. In a multidisciplinary form deployed by 6 interpreters, it offers the spectator a troubling experience: that of entering a woman’s mind; she is a rape survivor who is slowly recovering her memory and rebuilding her identity. 

Between fiction and documentary, SKRIK transposes to the stage the dazzling intensity of the memories which arise in fragments. The show highlights the complexity of a subject too little known to the general public. It puts a spotlight on it to invite reflection.


14.05.2022 - 14:00 > 16:00
Salle Jacques Huisman 

Anita Biondo, Inspectrice Principale de Police 
David Lallemand, Conseiller du Délégué général aux droits de l'enfant et responsable des projets 
Astrid Bedoret, Avocate 
Lily Bruyère, Coordinatrice SOS Inceste Belgique 
Jacques Roisin, Docteur en psychologie et psychanalyste
Julie Goldsteinas, Actrice (pour la lecture des textes d’Adélaïde Bon)  
Présentation du site Safe now par Alexia de Vaucleroy

Modération : Valérie Lootvoet, Directrice de l’Université des femmes

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