SLOW#05: Queer Courage


16/04/2020 - 17/04/2020

SLOW#05: Queer Courage

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In the Middle East staying in the closet, coming out, and the spectrum in-between, are all equally courageous acts. With the social and systemic persecution of LGBTQI individuals, the variables of coming out are not simply based on the response and acceptance of the family and friends; but also, with the fear, intolerance, and violence manifested through formal authorities and informal traditional norms.

The dominating discourse is one that promotes coming out of the closet as the desired goal for LGTBQI individuals, to the exclusion of those, who through a courageous act themselves, do not come out. Their life is not framed by the reality of a closet, instead they use other cultural frameworks to construct their queer reality.

Coming out to friends, not family; sisters, not brothers; yelling it in the streets of Brussels, but never in Beirut; telling no one and telling all; each approach is influenced by space and time, and each approach is deeply courageous.

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